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Advantages of a dark mode

AUG 28

It’s not just that the darker screen makes it easy to read and is soothing for the eyes, the bright illuminating blue screen hampers the production of melatonin that is the most important hormone, allowing the human body a good night’s sleep. Since the human generation has found solace in spending almost 11 hours a day glued to their phone screens, a dark screen mode is just the solution to avoid those itchy and irritated eyes that are usually a result of the bright white screen.

Another advantage of the dark mode is the increased battery life. Since all the latest technological products including smartphones, laptops and more now make use of OLED screens, the dark mode for them can subsequently save 60% of battery life even with the 100% brightness. The dark mode has been introduced to the Android devices making use of OLED screens while Apple is next in the game to use OLED screens for their upcoming products. The power-saving capabilities only work when the pixel is entirely black, thus termed as turned off and not drawing power from the battery.

Take pictures, graphics, for instance, they all look wonderful with a dark background when compared to the white and that thought is literally backed up by the millennials switching to the darker screens just for the sake of health benefits or as a mere trend. The colours actually tend to pop more naturally on a dark background while at the same time offers a soothing contrast when compared to the white screen or any other coloured background.

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