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JUL 07

Digital Marketing

Automated bidding for Google Ads has been trending a lot though the year 2021 will be able to witness its full potential. To be fair, 2020 has lost its charm for people that manually set and optimize their bids for Google Ads. It is the era of automated bids that are optimized better and offer better results.

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Aug 28

Advantages of a dark mode

The current situation and rapidly declining economy stats, the dark mode has taken over lives in general though keeping aside the metaphors.

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APR 15

Mobile App Security Threats

According to the statistics, more than 13% of the user devices and 11% of the enterprise devices lack proper encryption

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MAY 04

Pros Of Taking Business Online

Online business does not require to buy a fancy store with an expensive front and at a high-end location to attract premium buyers.

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JUN 19

The Involvement of the IoT

The Internet of Things, all most any physical object can be transformed into device with the connectivity of the internet.

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