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Digital Marketing

JUL 07

Digital Marketing Trends 2021 With the digital era taking its toll over the world, the traditional marketing strategies have become redundant, to say the least. Rising competition and the rise of the pandemic has made us enter the digital era once and for all. The businesses are now in dire need of digital marketing to survive the reality and capitalize on their investment.

Featured Snippet: For the ones not knowing what a “featured snippet” is, it’s a search result that is showcased in a box at the top of the search engine result page, even before the organic results. It can be shown in the form of a list, paragraph or a table and answers the query searched right away. You can optimize your content for featuring in the “featured snippet” answer box by thoroughly answering the exact queries people are searching. For instance, answering detailed information on “how to get more Instagram followers” will make you rank on the zero position of the SERPs while offering you best overall exposure and better CTR.

Content Quality: Even if the content quality speaks a lot about your brand, the new era of millennials and gen Z now wants their brand to speak diversity and equality when it comes to different religions, cultures, sexuality, gender and more. Nobody wants to deal with a business that is culturally biased and not offering diversity in their products/services. Rising trends and social media must not be limited to homogeneous content in 2021.

Google Ads: Automated bidding for Google Ads has been trending a lot though the year 2021 will be able to witness its full potential. To be fair, 2020 has lost its charm for people that manually set and optimize their bids for Google Ads. It is the era of automated bids that are optimized better and offer better results. Google optimizes the bid automatically to offer better conversion rate and get clicks by analyzing user data.

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