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The Internet of Things

JUN 19

Smart Homes incorporates a multitude of technologies, However, up until recently, the involvement of the IoT with things such as, home temperatures, security and controlling aspects of what’s inside the home using your smart device has established a solid foundation of how important the IoT in our lives.

Motor industry, IoT is heavily integrated, This integration resulted to numerous improvements and advantages to car owners specifically, such as, converting the car’s dashboard to be the main control panel for driver to access emails, music, videos and also access to social networking. IoT is also being utilised for the development of certain aspects of self-driving and parking modes.

In Agriculture, Farmers can now utilise the Internet of things to their advantage by monitoring the crop fields using sensors. Implementing these sensors enables monitoring the crops’s humidity, temperature and soil moisture, and health. This smart solution allows farmers to monitor from anywhere this results to the reductions of journeys to and from the fields.

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