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Mobile App Security Threats

APR 15

Since many of the developers are keen on using the same passwords for multiple apps, they are the major threat to the overall security of other applications as well. If an organization via any means hacks the password used by an organization, they are bound to use it for other apps as well thereby imposing a threat to entire organization data.
In this case, multi-factor authentication comes to the rescue. Adding a triple layer of authentication such as asking for an SMS code or biometric or even a security question before giving in the access can, in turn, save data worth millions

Since the applications these days offer the users to comment and offer their feedback with the help of forms, they are some of the most common ways of adding a malware code injection.
For instance, if an application doesn’t prevent the user to add only a minimum number of characters into the login form, allowing the use of characters such as equal to or a colon, the attacker can easily add the code into the form for accessing the server data.

Insecure data storage is another threat to application security. Many applications can insecurely store data in the form of cookies or in the SQL databases which when accessed by the hackers can allow them to access funnel information thereby posing threat to security. A developer must make sure of proper procedures to handle the app cache that includes the data, images, key presses and other information.

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